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6 ft tall fence panels 6 ft Tall Chain Link Fence Rental

Chain Link Fence - General Description

We provide security fence for your construction site, building or event. Our fence panels are portable and convenient. We will deliver and install the fence for you.

Once you no longer need the fence, we will come and break down and remove all fence panels. 

6' high x 12 1/2' long Chain Link Panelsare the most popular choice for fence rental. This fence provides security and can be adjusted adjust to any configuration. Protection for your construction site or building is available for long or short term.
Some of the features are:
  • adjustable configuration
  • gates anywhere on site
  • top & bottom rails provide extra support
  • clamped together for added security
  • concrete block bases for added stability
  • metal stands also available instead of concrete blocks

Fence Specifications - 6 ft tall chain link panel

6 ft chainlink fence
chain link fabric             height 6 ft
                                   length  12 ft
                                    wire size 11 gauge
frame                              height  7 ft
                                       length  12 ft
tubing size                       1 5/8 in
total weight                       approx. 60 lbs

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